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Considerations to make before Opting for Equity Release

Equity release is a way to release funds from a property you own. It’s something that older people tend to opt for when they are rich in assets, but poorer in cash. It isn’t always a preferable option, as the loans are paid back after their death reducing the value of the assets they may leave to loved ones. The options for equity release often come with high fees, again reducing what you’re able to leave behind.

Tips for surviving your kitchen refit

So, you’ve decided on your dream kitchen and are looking forward to it being fully installed but first you’ve got to get through the refit process.

New Pension Freedoms

08 April 2015 12:45

What do the new pension changes mean for you?

Go bespoke for your furniture

For many of us, if we want a new piece of furniture then we go to our local Ikea, B&Q or Homebase etc. and get something mass produces, often not too expensive and that we have to fight to put together.

What does a land surveyor do?

18 December 2014 10:20

Have you got a problem with your neighbours regarding boundaries or do you need a plan of your landholding drawn up professionally? If so then a land surveyor is who you need!

Benefits of going bespoke for your new kitchen

A new kitchen is a big stress but if you have the funds then why not have a bespoke kitchen made to your exact requirements.

When should I use a financial advisor?

Some people are sceptical about using a financial advisor; not only are they expensive but the advice they give may not be a sound choice for you! There are occasions, however, that seeking financial advice is a necessity.

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