Core Strategy adopted by Borough Council
2nd August 2011
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A document outlining development in the area until 2026 has been adopted by full council.


Following extensive consultation the Core Strategy has been produced to provide a blueprint for development in the borough. It identifies the area’s development needs in terms of infrastructure, residential and industrial development and seeks to balance these with conservation and biodiversity to protect the diverse landscape of West Norfolk.


Now that it has been formally adopted it will guide all planning decisions up until 2026.


The Core Strategy is available to view on the borough council’s website under the Planning pages (follow the links for Local Development Framework).


The Core Strategy is one of the documents that make up the Local Development Framework, which illustrates how development will be managed.


The next stage in the creation of the Local Development Framework will be the completion of the Site Specific Allocations and Policies Development Plan. This document looks at the sites identified in the Core Strategy in more detail. Consultation events will be announced in the autumn.


For more information about the Local Development Framework please visit

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