8 Recession Busting Marketing Tips for North Norfolk Businesses in 2012 !
13th February 2012
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1.  Far more people use the internet to find local businesses than anything else now, so make sure your business has a strong online presence – and we’re not just talking about a couple of lines in a business directory here !


2.   Ensure your business is ranking highly on Google and attracting plenty of attention from your to be customers – know your page view numbers and trends and consider a pay-per-click campaign


3.  Ensure your to be customers are really taking notice of your business online – know your average time on page and bounce rate numbers and trends


4.  Ensure your online headline makes a “citizen’s arrest” in less than one-and-half seconds, otherwise your to be customers will look elsewhere


5.  Ensure your online copy includes genuine testimonials from happy customers – your to be customers are far more interested in what your existing customers say about you than what you say about yourself !


6.  Ensure your online copy includes interesting images and, for service businesses especially, include photographs of key employees because “people buy people”


7.  Ensure your online copy has a strong “call-to-action” with a very clear deadline e.g. an attractive, well-crafted special offer


8.  Provide multiple, trackable ways for your to be customers to respond to your “call-to-action”


If you'd like more information on how to successfully promote your business in 2012 then call Simon on 01553 673183 or e-mail me here.

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