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I would just like to say what an amazing clinic Woodside is, all members of staff are friendly and welcoming, I feel so relaxed in the reception and the treatment rooms - it's an actual pleasure visiting and receiving treatment! Well done guys
Woodside Osteopath clinic came highly recommended, and I'm delighted with the treatment I've received from Anisha. On my first visit I was suffering from constant shoulder pain; half an hour later I had been diagnosed, reassured and set up with follow up appointments. After just 3 appointments this has improved by around 80% and I couldn't be more pleased with the service. Anisha is knowledgeable, professional and friendly - I would be happy to recommend Woodside to anyone who values their wellbeing.
Very friendly and professional service and they always sort out my ruined back!
Without the teams help I wouldn't have got back to work as quickly as I did. Thank you for helping me to save lives!
A warm welcome awaits you at this friendlyh osteopathic clinic in Hitchin. Both osteopaths are fully trained in the Niel-Asher technique for frozen shoulder. This treatment dramatically reduces the time span of this painful and debilitating condition. Highly recommend.
My problem was quickly diagnosed by mark. After starting treatment I very soon saw a big improvement to my symptoms. Thanks to your staff for your kind and caring approach.
Always a friendly and professional service from the whole team. Anisha gives a knowledgeable and excellent appraisal and treatment. We have a good giggle too!
Friendly and down to earth service getting to all the parts you need!
Anisha has a fantastic practice that Hitchin is very lucky to have. I didn't know I needed work on my back until she grabbed me at a health day in the market square. I now can't feel my back at all. Anisha is very clever, very wise and passionately brilliant.
Almost certainly the best osteopathic practice in Herts and Beds
Very friendly with a warm welcome at reception. I've never felt uncomfortable as I would normally. Anisha is the best! She fixed me and got me back in no time. I would and do recommend Woodside to everyone.l
From the warm friendly welcome at reception to the professional, caring and informative Osteopaths, this business is brilliant and i would recommend them to all. My condition cannot be cured but thanks to them my pain is so much better. I know several people who have been here and they too are very impressed.
I was referred to Woodside and Mark in particular by a friend in respect of the chronic sciatica I had been experiencing due to a slipped disc some six months before. The constant pain was affecting my life to such a degree that I was desperate to try any intervention that might give some relief. Mark was pleasant and professional throughout and also made me feel comfortable during my treatment, as well as giving me hope that some alleviation might be possible without surgery or injections, as was suggested by the hospital. After five sessions of general manipulation and massage we moved on to acupuncture and at that point my symptoms almost completely disappeared. The pins and needles are no more, I rarely take pain killers (previously I had been up to maximum levels each day) and I am able to both stand or lie in one position with minimal and often no discomfort. With no exaggeration I can say that my life has been transformed due, I am sure, in no small way to Mark's treatment and I can't thank him enough. Should my symptoms reoccur then I would seek his help again immediately and am happy to endorse him as a professional and very competent osteopath.
I have been treated by Anisha for just over 6 months now and there are no words for how much she has transformed my life. I am truly thankful to her for all the treatment she has carried out on my very interesting spine, I feel completely transformed and rejuvenated! Although I have since moved from Hitchin, I still make a 1 hour and 45 minute journey to get treated every 6 weeks, because it is hard to find a medical professional that puts you at complete ease as Anisha does. I throughly recommend that if you are suffering with pain in your joints that you seek the competent and friendly service of The Woodside Clinic
I first came to see Anisha in January 2014 in absolute agony. I was genuinely terrified about what had happened to my back and leg, having never experienced such horrendous pain before. I was off work for several months and was initially seeing Anisha every few days to try to control the pain. She explained what was happening with a clarity that I didn't find in other healthcare professionals. She gave me exercises to do and reassured me that she'd helped people who were in an even worse state than I was in! An MRI revealed I had four slipped discs and that one was leaking, causing sciatica. After seeing a neurosurgeon, I was listed for back surgery in June 2014. However, I started to see small improvements and was slowly able to do a little more each week. I began to feel more normal. Walking became easier, though I was still far slower than I would be normally. By the time my pre-op assessment took place, I was considerably better, and had reduced down to seeing Anisha just once per week. I was enormously relieved to be told that I no longer needed surgery. Anisha was an absolute god-send. She knew where I was hurting before I did and tailored each session on specific areas of concern. I would still be seeing her now but for the fact that I've moved out of the area!
I found Woodside Clinic at a point in time when my back pain had become so debilitating that even sitting in a chair caused me pain. Over the course of a number of months I had developed pain and spasms that had seen me referred for an MRI scan which revealed protruding discs with lost fluid. I had initially turned to a physio who had actually made some of my symptoms worse and given me some very bad advice. I had also previously seen an osteopath where the experience was quite aggressive and painful. Both of these experiences had made me apprehensive and nervous of seeking treatment. When I walked through the door I was desperate for some help as for the last 6 months caring for my baby and toddler had become increasingly difficult. From my first session I gained some instant relief and was put at ease about the experience of treatment here. I've now been seeing Mark for 6 weeks and I have gone from just barely getting through each day, relying on two types of prescribed pain killers daily, to being able to enjoy trips out with my children and steadily becoming a more active mum. I now take only one of two lots of pain killers a week and have found extra relief in using the bio freeze that I discovered at Woodside osteopathic Clinic. I still have a way to go to get back to full function, but the progress and improvement in my quality of life has been amazing. What's more I've gone from being fearful of intervention and doubting that anyone could help me to honestly believing I can get better and trusting my osteopath completely. His manner and way of explaining why I'm experiencing the pain put me at ease and for the first time in a long time I can see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.
I've been going to Woodside Osteopathic Clinic for 30 years now, they certainly helped with my problems they are so Brilliant , and the reception is so helpful too .
What can I say. Thoroughly recommend Woodside Clinic. Anisha has been amazing, very professional, caring and amusing. I drove her mad about my fitness regime. She explained everything in simple terms. She definitely has magic fingers as after just one session within a few days the majority of my back/leg pain had disappeared making me a lot more mobile. Have now recommender her clinic to my friend as she had noticed how much better I was feeling. I also want to mention the two lovely receptionists that every time you attend the clinic you are greeted with a lovely smile which straight away puts you at ease.
I can always count on Anisha and the team to provide excellent service and friendly welcome. They keep Hitchin running.
Very friendly staff at Woodside. Very helpful for everyone. Mark has helped with my neck pain.
The friendly people that work here will always try their best to give you an appointment on the day.
Incredibly professional service with a warm welcome and friendly attitude makes Woodside Oseto a highly recommended practice.
Staff are very helpful and knowledgeable. They were able to relieve my pain and help with rehabilitation. Overall very satisfied.
The clinic is very friendly and a nice place to come to. It has been very helpful and good.
From the moment you walk in the door you feel at ease at Woodside. The staff are informative and knowledgeable. My back is so much better and I am so thankful to all at Woodside.
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