Writing a Will - then save 10% by visiting the Bibz & Burbz Baby Fayre
29th April 2010
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The Bibz & Burbz Baby Fayre event is taking place between 10am – 2pm at Hinckley Leisure Centre (LE10 0JR) on Saturday May 8th 2010  (see the events section on the bestof Hinckley) and I believe that this has been a very popular local Baby Fayre event in the past and well worth a visit for a look around.

This year Will Planning Solutions will be there and so if you are interested in setting up a Will then we can advise and guide you on what’s required plus, you can get a 10% discount if you book an appointment with us within 30 days of the event.

Why should I write a Will?

A strange question you might think at a Baby Fayre but one that we are so often asked and something that is really essential when you have children. To help you to answer the question I have identified below just some major benefits of having a Will in place ...

With a Will it means that you are able to:

  • avoid dying Intestate, this is the Government’s default set of rules that apply if a Will is not in place when someone dies, the rules of Intestate could very well mean that the wrong people, in your opinion, could benefit from your estate.
  • choose the person(s) that you want to handle your estate, preferably people that you trust and people that you consider to be competent, diligent and will do the right thing on your behalf.
  • appoint legal guardians for your children should you leave them orphaned, otherwise the State will allocate foster parents.
  • determine when your children inherit. Do you really want your children to inherit at 18? What were you like at that age… you may be happier with say 21 or 25.
  • leave money to a charity if you wish and this can only be done if you make your wishes known with a Will.
  • leave a family heirloom to a chosen individual, you need to write a Will

Couldn’t I just write a Will myself?

Yes, is the short answer but the question is whether you would get it right?

You may very well have the best intention of getting it right but if you get anything wrong (and believe me there are many ways to get it wrong) then the Will can:

  • fail completely and so you are back to the many problems of dying Intestate;
  • end up benefitting the wrong person.

You may well say “so what, it won’t be my problem!” and that is true but we then go back to whether you really want the Government and Courts to decide who gets what frm your estate?

Come along and chat with me at the show for more information and guidance. However, if you need some help now with Wills or estate planning such as Power of Attorney, Life Trusts, etc. then call me now at Will Planning Solutions 01455 268 677 or visit our feature on the bestof Hinckley for more information and further contact details.

My last word, don’t be penny-wise and pound foolish! Seek specialist advice of a trained and qualified professional Will writer, and ask to see their qualifications. All members of the Institute of Professional Will Writers work to a strict regulatory code of practice approved by the Office of Fair Trading - so you know who you can trust us!

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