When should I get a new staircase?
18th August 2016
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Of course, we wouldn’t want our staircase to collapse and we would want to know if there’s a problem for us to prevent any accidents that might happened when left unchecked. Despite all of our efforts and expressing our concerns that we want to avoid any accidents, how would we know if it’s time for a stairs’ renovation? Here are the signs that you should look for. 


Worn out treads

Most of the stairs inside our home is made of wood and sometimes, pests attack out stairs making it weaker and easier to wear out. This situation needs replacement and will need professional service to have it accomplished.

Squeak and creak

This is one of the easiest to observe and detect. Every step in your stairs will tell you there’s something wrong. This problem can be resolved by putting a screw on its timbers to close any gap but if you can’t do or know anything about how to fix it, you better leave it to the professional hands.

Repairing the stair’s baluster

Balusters are the part of your stairs that directly support your handrails. You can do some minor remedies if a carpenter is not available immediately but make sure that it will be attended to once the situation allows.

Damaged and missing brackets

Most old staircases are sporting an intricately designed stair brackets. Over time, these brackets get worn out and need special attention to maintain its beauty while repairing the damages. There are also special tools that are needed to preserve the bracket’s original beauty and materials and still able to repair it.


It’s one of the most important part of our stairs as this is what we will hold on to when going up and down of the stairs. Whenever there’s a broken part of the railing, you can opt for simple repairs but if it really needs replacements, contact the professionals.

For any staircase repairs, you can contact Robert McVey Carpentry & Joinery to have your stair needs to be addressed. Their services are well- known to be top quality so you can be assured that all of your home repairs will go smoothly and on time.

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