What to consider if you’re thinking of getting a new staircase
20th May 2015
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While you want people to have a good first impression this isn’t always the case and if it’s your stairs that are letting you down then this isn’t always a quick and easy process.

Having a new staircase is a big decision, as for the duration of the work, you will be unable to access the upper floors of your house. In terms of the level of work, it is akin to removing and replacing a structural wall but the end result, if well planned and thought out, could open up your downstairs space and give you more living area to work with.

Before starting anything with your stairs you need to make sure that the changes you make will pass the regulations, especially Approved Document K or Protection, Falling and Impact. You don’t want have a new staircase installed and then find that it doesn’t comply with regulations. The easiest away around this is to get plans drawn up by an expert (i.e. an Architect) but you can do it yourself.

You then want to be deciding what kind of staircase you want, whether straight or spiral, carpeted or bare, normal or cantilevered. The type of material is also a highly important consideration and decision that you need to make. Take into account the style of your house when you’re making these decisions as a cantilevered staircase could look wonderful in a modern house but may look vastly out of place in a traditional living space.

If the thought of having all the dust and upheaval that comes with a new staircase is not worth thinking about then you may want to consider just having your existing staircase renovated. This costs significantly less than having a complete new set of stairs installed with less disruption and will improve the overall look and appearance of them. You can create the look you want in less time and without the disruption to your life.

If this could just be what your house needs, then why not get in contact with Robert McVey Joinery Services who are able to completely change the look of your stairs without the inconvenience of having new ones installed.

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