What a Helpful Idea - Interview Preparation
6th February 2009
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Everyone that knows me will realise that I am not one for spreading doom and gloom about the R word (recession). We do have to accept that it's going to be a tough time and some businesses will not make it through but such times also present many businesses with opportunities.

The business coach and business development and training provider agents of change, have come up with an idea that I think is a really helpful take on these difficult times. Not only can this idea really make a big difference but also a consideration in these times, it is not expensive.

Preparation for an interview has always been one of the most critical aspects for a successful outcome. With the competition for every post even greater than normal in this difficult period the three 'P's - Preparation, Preparation, Preparation, are more important than ever.

What agents of change are offering is an opportunity to:

- really boost your confidence
- carefully prepare you for the interview
- have a practise before the interview.

So if you find yourself having been caught by the R word and in the position where you are facing a job interview or review to keep you current post or even if you are applying for a new post then agents of change can give you that important edge to help you to secure the post!

Give them a call on 01455 285 942 to find out more about their Interview Preparation and Practise training - get it right first time and secure that job with the help of an experienced business coach from just £25.00.

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