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8th October 2010
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<p>Harvey Brown at the <strong><em>Burbage Fireworks committee</em></strong> is so pleased with the results of a complete new design for their charity fundraising website.  The site  is used to promote the local <strong>Bonfire Night and Fireworks Display</strong> charity event in Burbage, which takes place on <strong>Sunday 7th November</strong>. The committee were lookng to have something that was modern and fresh. Ideally, they also wanted the facility for people who accessed the site to be able to book their tickets online.</p> <p><strong><em>RedMorello - creative wed design and hosting</em></strong> has delivered what was required of the new website by the committee and more. Not only that, he has done so at no cost as a gesture of support for the charity work done by the group. Harvey said “The site is wonderful and has already been a great success with 8 bookings being taken in the first week!  Taking pre-orders in this way will really help us to plan and structure the events and our finances much better.”</p> <p><a title="Visit the Burbage Fireworks charity website by RedMorello." href="" target="_blank"><span style="COLOR: #ff6600"><strong>Click here to visit the site now</strong></span></a> and of course, book your ticket while you’re there! You can also find out more about this event and many more local events on our <a title="Visit the bestofhinckley events page for the latest local events." href="" target="_blank"><span style="COLOR: #ff6600"><strong>bestofhinckley events page</strong></span></a><strong>.</strong></p> <p>Keep watching this space because after Christmas <em><strong>RedMorrello - creative web design and hosting</strong></em> will be taking a look at how to breathe life into the <strong>Burbage Carnival</strong> website which is also in need of a re-fresh.</p> <p>To find out more about Ian Houghton’s work at <strong><em>RedMorello - creative web design and hosting</em></strong> <a title="Visit the RedMorello feature on the bestof Hinckley" href="" target="_blank"><span style="COLOR: #ff6600"><strong>visit the RedMorello feature on the bestofhinckley</strong></span></a><strong>.</strong> Alternatively, just give Ian a call on <strong>01455 818313</strong> or 07961 534209. You can also <a title="Visit Ian Houghton's RedMorello page on Twitter" href="" target="_blank"><span style="COLOR: #0000ff"><strong>follow RedMorello on Twitter</strong></span></a>.</p>/f3ac280b-ebbc-4704-969f-eb05f9d0057d.jpg/6d7732e7-07a1-4e1a-a4c5-aa83b74b3684.jpg
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