Trusts - why would I need a trust if I have a Will?
17th November 2009
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<p>The topic of our presentations was primarily the emotive issue of who should pay if and when it becomes necessary for you or a relative to receive care in a care home or nursing home.  The costs can be considerable and if you own a house and have other financial assets then these may be taken by the Local Authority to cover these costs.  To avoid this and to ensure that your wealth goes to your family or where you think it should go then <strong>early planning is essential</strong> and that is where <a title="Will Planning Solutions" href=" " target="_blank"><strong><span style="COLOR: #ff6600"><em>Will Planning Solutions</em></span></strong></a> can be of help to you.</p> <p>First, if you have assets and you want to make sure they go to those that you consider should to receive them on your death then <strong>you must have a Will</strong>.  However, if you don’t want family or friends to suffer the pain and stress associated with the Probate process after your death (that’s both cost and time) and if you want to protect your estate from the devastating financial affects of long term care costs then currently the only way to achieve this is to <strong>also have a Trust</strong>.</p> <p>If you really want to safeguard what you’ve sweated blood and tears to own, you need to <strong>set up a trust NOW so that it will be in place when needed</strong>.  Waiting until the eleventh hour will be too late and ineffective.  That is, you can’t go into a care home and then set up a trust to protect your wealth and hope it will work, it won’t. The reason it won’t work is that the Council will claim ‘deliberate deprivation’.  Under this rule they will ignore whatever you have done with your assets (such as give them to family) and have the powers to go after them saying that you have done it to deprive them of their ability to sell your home to pay for your care costs and take your money to cover their costs anyway!</p> <p>Whether it’s to protect your own assets for your children, or if you’re looking to your parent’s estate and thinking “I want them to protect their estate for my benefit’ it doesn’t matter we could help.  If you would like to find out more then we’d be delighted to meet up for an hour either in your home or at work to explain it to you in a little more detail.  It’s free and there will be no obligations on you to take it further but at least you will know what is required to <strong>protect yourself or relatives from care home fees</strong> and how to achieve it.</p> <p>To make an appointment simply <strong>call us now on 01455 268 267</strong>.</p> <p><a title="Will Planning Solutions" href=" " target="_blank"><strong><em><span style="COLOR: #ff6600">Will Planning Solutions</span></em></strong></a> can also provide qualified advice and guidance on anything to do with Last Will and Testaments, Lasting Power of Attorney and estate planning.  <a title="Visit Will Planning Solutions website" href="" target="_blank">Visit our website for further details</a>.</p>/e6159ae7-1ef2-4ed2-b287-74afcbff3d91.jpg/90a08117-6138-40aa-99c0-452ec9c5c0f7.jpg
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