The Laughter and Applause Tells it All
24th February 2010
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It was a fabulous first night with wonderful music and terrific fun on stage.  The performances were solid but no doubt will improve as the characters settle into their parts and respond with confidence to the applause from appreciative audiences as the week goes by.

The Hinckley Community Guild Amateur Operatic Society has produced a wonderful version of this popular Gilbert & Sullivan romp with swash buckling pirates, hilariously inept constabulary and the ever present desire for love. The story is set when Frederic, having completed his 21st year as an apprentice pirate, is released from a band of very tender-hearted pirates and then meets Mabel, the daughter of Major-General Stanley. The two young people immediately fall in love but there is a paradox that quickly gets in the way.

Concordia does it once again with a fabulous and colourful show, as can be seen by Lesley Bee’s photograph below (Artography) , for all the family and one not to be missed.

Pirates of Penzance will run at the Concordia Theatre until Saturday 27th February and so for further information or to book your tickets contact - Judy Peatfield on 01455 847 676 NOW..

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