The ESBF give a unanimous 'Yes' to the Proposed Development
18th October 2011
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<p>In a recent Forum meeting the <strong><em>Earl Shilton Business Forum</em></strong> (ESBF) gave a unanimous “Yes” to the proposed development and re-generation of Earl Shilton Town Centre. The proposed development was presented by Nick Morgan from the developers Morgan, Davis & Wherry and the proposals received 100% backing by all members present at that meeting.</p> <p>The Forum firmly believes that this proposed development represents <strong>an outstanding opportunity for Earl Shilton</strong> and gives it the best possible chance to launch itself with a brand new opportunity and a brand new future. Although there appears to be a small amount of concern expressed by a local minority, the Forum feels that these concerns will be allayed by a greater understanding of the facts and details of the proposed scheme.</p> <p>In a week when the UK’s unemployment figure hit a record high, there is the genuine prospect of 200 jobs being created in the town. The proposed supermarket will <strong>reverse decades of employment decline</strong> and will provide much needed employment and training opportunities for all age groups living in and around Earl Shilton.</p> <p>If you would like to <strong>have your say</strong> about the proposed development then the ESBF would like to hear from you. <a title="Let the ESBF know what you think about the proposed town centre development." href="" target="_blank"><strong>CLICK here</strong></a> to put forward your views, good or bad.</p> <p>In support of the development:</p> <ul> <li>the current <strong>park facilities will be enlarged and play equipment improved</strong> at no cost to the Town Centre or its residents;</li> <li>the existing play equipment equipment will be retained by the Town for use elsewhere;</li> <li>the existing <strong>cricket ground will be relocated to a much larger site</strong> that will provide an additional pitch together with a brand new clubhouse and much improved changing facilities. The cost of this will also be borne by the developers;</li> <li>the development will provide an attractive cobbled path walkway that will lead to a <strong>new purpose-built Town Square/Market Place</strong> that could be enjoyed by the existing Farmer’s Market and various community events;</li> <li>the much sought after, <strong>new Public Toilet facility</strong> would be built together with substantial infrastructure improvements to both footpaths and pedestrian links</li> <li>there is also an offer of a <strong>new purpose built community centre</strong> together with an improved Age Concern centre. It must be stressed though, that there will be no need to replace or move the existing Age Concern facility if the majority of its users did not want it to re-locate;</li> <li>the development scheme will also generate a <strong>large capital sum for<br />the Town Council to spend on further infrastructure and community projects</strong> that would benefit all people who live in Earl Shilton at no cost to themselves.</li> </ul> <p>From a business point of view, this development offers an <strong>unrivalled opportunity to raise the profile of the declining Earl Shilton High Street </strong>and take advantage of a much needed increased footfall. This has been the aim of the Forum for the last 5 years.</p> <p>Extensive research has shown that <strong>90% of the Earl Shilton population shop for food outside of Earl Shilton</strong>. This proposed development could reverse this trend and is hoped to generate around 1500 new shoppers a week. This will offer Earl Shilton the best opportunity in over a generation to attract new people into the town and to maintain a thriving and prosperous retail presence</p> <p>The proposed development also ensures that any new Supermarket will be a food only outlet and will not retail non-food items such as electrical goods or clothing. Any new Supermarket will also not contain a pharmacy. It is the Forum’s considered opinion that any effect the proposed Supermarket will have on current traders will be minimal with the majority of the retailers benefiting from the extra footfall.</p> <p>The Forum will also negotiate a deal where new and <strong>existing retail businesses </strong><strong>in the town will be represented through both prominent signage</strong> in the new Supermarket car park together with free opportunities to advertise on both trolleys and in-store till receipts. The Forum will actively seek that any <strong>customers attracted to the town will be actively encouraged to use the other facilities and services</strong> that Earl Shilton has to offer.</p> <p>The benefits of this will not only be felt by existing residents of Earl Shilton but for future generations to come. The <strong><em>Earl Shilton Business Forum</em></strong> gives this proposed development its unanimous backing and urges all residents of the town to look into the scheme carefully and give it their full support.</p> <p>To find out more about the <strong><em>Earl Shilton Business Forum</em></strong> - <a title="Find out more about the activities of the Earl Shilton Business Forum." href="" target="_blank"><strong>visit their website</strong></a>.</p>/180864b7-ef5c-436f-8a8b-7eeed4985918.jpg
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