Staircase Trends for Your Home
16th March 2017
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Because the Staircase is such a major feature of one’s home, making or breaking its appearance as one opens the front door, it is essential to talk with the experts about making it into a positive ‘wow factor’ feature rather than a drab after thought. Installing the Staircase can add a modern, fresh, look to the style of the entire house. The stairs are often immediately visible in the entrance hall of one’s home, making an impression on visitors, discerning home owners will want the first impression to be a striking one in keeping with their personal style.

Rob Mc Vey operates from his state of the art craftsman’s workshop, the look of the place and the smell of hewn timber is a joyful experience, and this underlines his expertise and the quality of his work. Robert can proudly boast of many Five Star reviews from his satisfied customer throughout Leicestershire and beyond.

Staircase Trends are toward a blend of elegance and practicality, modernity and tradition. Depending on the age of the property there are a number of choices available, traditional, ultra-modern, different materials used in their construction, safety – including balustrades and safety gates. Having an expert view of how to create the right look is where Robert comes in.

Robert Mc Vey is a specialist carpenter who uses beautiful woods to enhance the existing style of one’s home. Likewise, for people planning a new designer home speak to Rob about how to incorporate a fine purpose built staircase that will be delight to use and lovely to look at. The use of rich solid timbers can introduce natural colours that will warm the heart with their fine good looks.

Straight staircases can be transformed with the lovely patina of oak, beech, teak and so much more. In addition to the treads, that must be solid and dependable, the accompanying balustrade can be solid or a neat combination of wonderful worked upright inserts will be well spaced to maintain safety whilst retaining their fine appearance.

Staircases with a turn and possibly a mid-way landing can also be created and styled to impress whilst being dependable and safe.

More challenging staircase designs are possible following consultation with Rob, well in advance to allow design time.

Making the correct choice is so important, because the staircase is integral to the property in which it stands, seeking the advice of a craftsman who is expert in staircase design and construction-early-is a sensible and very wise move.

Robert Mc Vey Carpentry and Joinery Services is highly recommended by The Best of Hinckley, showcasing and promoting the most trusted local businesses in support of the community.

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