Staircase renovation
9th November 2016
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Add under- stair storage

This renovation will serve you two purpose: new look for your staircase and maximising an unused area. You can install small drawers or a small cupboard so your children can feel what it’s like to be a wizard. This can also be your personal space where you can store some of your precious clothes, bags, tools or even a simple storage room where you can put away the things that you rarely use.

Paint it white

The combination of natural wood and white paint can give your staircase an instant face lift. It gives an illusion of wider stairs and it definitely looks more refreshing than staring to pure wooden stairs. Add a bit of gold paint on its trimmings and turn your staircase from 0 to fabulous in no time.

Install some stair runner

Not only it gives a touch of sophistication, stair runners also prevent accidents especially if you have kids around who like to run up and down the stairs. The runners will prevent them from slipping or falling from the stairs all the while giving an impression that your stairs are well- made.

Use paint for lower cost

If you can’t afford installing a new runner, you can opt for non- slip paint that you can use to make it look like your stars has runners. This will also give you a lot of options and chances to experiment with colours as different hues can add texture and give effect just like what a conventional stair runner provides.

Consult a professional stair renovator

If you’re out of ideas or can’t seem to decide what design you’re going to do with your stairs but still want to change something, it’s time for you to consult a professional stair renovator. They can give you advices and tips on what design you should put on your stairs depending on your budget. You’ll get to renovate your stairs without breaking the bank. To have your stairs checked up on, call Robert McVey Carpentry & Joinery Services and they would gladly assist you on choosing what should be done to bring out the beauty of your home.

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