Sports Massage at Meridian Healthcare Centre Hinckley
17th March 2011
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Sports Massage – Kate Jones BSc (Hons):  I have always been extremely passionate about sport and physical activity and this has led me to my current profession as a massage therapist.

After completing a BSc (Hons) in Sport and Physical Education, based in Cardiff, the opportunity opened for me to study something practical and functional - sports and rehabilitation massage.  I gained my diploma in 2006 and since qualifying I have been consistently rewarded by the positive responses from my clients. Currently, I am continuing my personal development and studying for a Masters degree to become an Osteopath. 

However, massage therapy is not just for sport and massage can bring enormous benefits to anyone. For example, you could find that massage therapy will be of great help if you suffer from:

  • tense neck, shoulders or back
  • tired aching muscles
  • poor circulation
  • bad posture
  • poor flexibility

These symptoms of course are simply the aches, pains and tension of daily living.  In particular, they are a response to the ever increasing stresses of life and poor posture due to:

  • lengthy periods of time driving
  • spending hours at a desk
  • working with computers and other machines.

… to name just a few.

My specialist area and passion is of course Sports Massage and over the last 5 years in practise I have gained extensive practical experience through working with sporting organisations such as:

  • Coventry Rugby Football Club
  • Welsh Rugby Union
  • runners at the London Marathon and other sporting events.

What is Massage therapy? It is the application of manipulation and stretching methods to the muscles and connective tissues of the body. It is of benefit to any person engaged in regular physical activity or suffering from muscle tension fatigue as a result of everyday living, work or sporting activities.

It has been wonderful to see the difference that massage can have on an individual and very rewarding to see the uplifting effects.  All massage therapy is tailored to the individual and their distinctive needs that may require the application of a variety of techniques to bring relief and benefit.

Kate Jones is a member of The Sports Massage Association (Reg. No 12164) and has a practice at the Meridian Healthcare Centre in Hinckley. For further information or if you wish to make a FREE initial assessment appointment – please telephone 01455 265 032.

For more information about the wide range of alternative therapy services at the Meridian Healthcare Centre please visit their feature on thebestof Hinckley.


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