Speak Well, Speak Wisely, Speak Loud & Clear!
14th November 2008
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Attended the Voice Matters course, run by Priscilla Morris of Loud & Clear!, this week and what a valuable course it was.

Priscilla really is an expert in her field and covered the basics of how the voice works, the importance of correct breathing for projection and confidence plus how to make the best impact with your voice. The course was an excellent mix of useful information about the use and care of your voice supported by a series of short activities to reinforce the points raised.

If you are in business or need to use your voice to influence others or perform then this course is for you. The next course will be running on the 4th February 2009 but I understand that there are only four places left so book now if you would like to secure a place! For more details see the events page on thebestofhinckley.

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