Sold Out!
24th October 2008
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We have had the workshop - Voice Matters, a practical and cost effective course by Loud & Clear! on our Events Page for a few weeks now but we've just been told that it is now SOLD OUT! The course examines just how the voice works and explores how to make the most of the voices potential to impact on others. The course is also designed to help you to learn how to deliver an effective presentation, modulate your words for maximum effect, 'sell' yourself through your voice, protect your voice from damage and so much more.

Why tell you all this if it's sold out?! Well that's simple; because of the popular demand there is another course planned for the New Year - 4th February 2009 and so keep you eye on our events pages so that you don't miss out next time.

I'm attending the course on the 12th November 2008 and so will be able to let you know first-hand, right here on the Blog, just how it goes!

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