SOCIAL MEDIA - a case for dismissal?
9th November 2011
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In the article ‘Employee’s Misuse of Social Media’ Denise Mather of DEMand RESULTS examines the consequences of the increase in the misuse of social networking sites by employees.  Recent cases have seen individuals:

  • posting photos of themselves at parties whilst they were off work because of illness and were apparently too ill to come to work;
  • making inappropriate comments about colleagues and/or their employer on social media sites;
  • sending inappropriate and offensive e-mails from home or work computers.

Most agree that careful and correct use of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc, can be beneficial to a business.  But what should you do if an employee does do something that might damage you or your businesses reputation – can you dismiss them?

CLICK here to read the full and helpful article by Denise on this subject. Ignore it and it could prove very costly!

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