Sketchley Horizon Project - not quite ready for the FTSE 100
6th August 2010
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<p>The <strong><em><a title="Visit the Sketchley Horizon website" href=" " target="_blank">Sketchley Horizon</a></em></strong> pupils working on our business project, many with challenging behaviour as a result of their communication difficulties and lack of social understanding, have done a fantastic job. The project has seen them working towards the planning, creation and selling of their goods (handmade personalised key fobs and friendship bracelets) to fellow students and Teachers. This has resulted in a £70 profit for their company which is absolutely fantastic.</p> <p>The next stage is to help them to open a business bank account in Hinckley so that they can have the real life experience of actually running a bank account.  After the summer break we have also arranged an industry visit so that they can get the opportunity to see how a real business and manufacturing facility operates.  The visit will be to our local manufacturer of quality motorcycles – <a title="Visit the Triumph Motorcycles website" href="" target="_blank"><strong>Triumph</strong></a><strong>.</strong> A big thank you is due to the Best of Hinckley for putting me in touch with Triumph who are very kindly organising the visit.</p> <p>I will keep you informed of future progress with the project with further updates but if you would like to know more then do please contact me - <strong>Denise Mather</strong> on <strong>01455 240 638</strong>. If you would like to know more about <strong><em>DEMand Results</em></strong> – Human Resources specialist consultancy and advice, business and personal development then please <a title="Visit the DEMand Results feature on the bestof Hinckley" href=" " target="_blank"><strong><span style="COLOR: #ff6600">visit our feature on the bestofhinckley</span></strong></a>.</p> <p> </p>/b087d5c3-a471-4c01-bfce-4480458fbfc2.jpg/4d33a10a-c85a-4359-9125-966f69527810.jpg
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