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26th May 2009
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Having never used Britannia Tyres and Exhausts Hinckley before I though I'd take the opportunity to go along and checkout another Hinckley business.

Well, I was not disappointed. The tyres, which were not stock items and so, were ordered for me on the Tuesday and I booked the car in for first thing on the following Monday morning. However, I received a telephone call the next day just to let me know that the tyres had arrived and they looked forward to seeing me on the Monday!

Monday morning came and I arrived at Britannia Tyres & Exhausts bright and early to a warm welcome and clear recognition of whom I was and what needed to be done. The car was duly taken away for the job to be done, which left me with a bit of time to pass in the waiting room. As it happens, whilst waiting another of the bestofhinckley businesses arrived in the waiting room - Chris Howells of RadioShack, but he was there on a job to fix the TV aerial. Noticed that he did check out some prices for the RadioShack aerial installations van whilst he was there though and clearly has used them before.

Those few minutes in the waiting room also provided an opportunity to eavesdrop on the way the reception team handled walk-in enquiries, the general business of the day and telephone calls. All of which were handled with the same polite efficiency that I had experienced during my own initial telephone enquiry.

Then the not so good news, a call through into the workshop! The tyres were fitted and fine but they had picked up that the tracking was out. Rather suspicious that this was a way of adding another few pounds to the bill but the young tyre fitter immediately took me to the tyres to show the uneven wear pattern and used a quick and easy device to show that there may be a problem. He then explained that he could set it up on their new 'high tech' rig to check it out fully at no cost but there would be a charge for each wheel that needed realignment.

The alignment test was carried out with me as a close shadow to his every move but this didn't faze the young man at all. He was clearly very proud and confident of what the alignment equipment could do and its accuracy. He took me through every step and carefully and simply explained what needed to be done. Well, to cut a long story short, three wheels did need adjustment and the job was done quickly and efficiently with great care. Every adjustment being explained and the results demonstrated on the computer readout throughout the process.

A job well done Britannia Tyres & Exhausts, a very satisfied customer and one that is very pleased to be able to highlight excellent local service when we find it!

PS The tyres and the tracking still came in at a total cost that was below the quotes of many of the other tyre companies just for the tyres. If you have had great service from Britannia Tyres and Exhausts then why not leave a comment below?

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