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9th April 2010
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Fosse House tells us the story that unfolded for them over Easter and how Roy Lee came to the rescue. 

The Easter weekend has now passed but despite it being a Bank holiday the Fosse House phones and email were still covered to ensure a speedy response to any enquiries or problems.

On Good Friday we were taking a day out from Fosse House Lettings and enjoying the celebration of a wedding in Lincoln but this did not stop us dealing with our tenants.  When an emergency call came in we took it and heard from one of our tenants that their toilet had started to leak. Not a problem, we contacted our on-call plumber: Roy Lee Plumbing & Heating, and he immediately went to the property to fix it.

Needless to say, we had a very impressed tenant having received such prompt service from both us and Roy Lee Plumbing & Heating. He had thought that we didn’t have a chance of getting it sorted over Easter!  But for us, this is the standard of excellence that we aim to deliver to all our tenants and Landlords and enjoy from our service suppliers.

Sincere thanks of course must go to the dedication and exceptional service that we receive from our plumber Roy Lee Plumbing & Heating* (read what his customers have to say!). For us to achieve excellence we must also demand excellence from our business partners to make it happen and Roy Lee certainly delivers.

* The bestof #3 most loved plumber in the UK and #2 most loved business in Hinckley (see the bestof LoveOmeter).

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