Review of the Working Time Directive
22nd July 2011
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The latest review of the Working Time Directive (employees right to not have to work more than 48 hours a week on average, unless they choose to or work in a sector with its own rules) is likely to further strengthen employee protection.  Our bestof human resource specialist – Denise Mather of DEMand RESULTS, takes a look at some likely areas of change and reviews the current core elements of the directive.

Denise says, in preparation for the likely amendments to the directive you may wish to examine your employment and working time policies to ensure that you are mindful of increased workloads and stress levels for your employees.  

It would be a good time for businesses to ensure that:

  • they have a stress policy in place;
  • that performance appraisals are undertaken;
  • procedures are in place for return to work interviews, these will enable organisations to save time and money in managing issues

The core elements of the working time directive already require employers to provide their employees with:

  • an 11 hour uninterrupted rest day;
  • 24 hours of uninterrupted rest per week (or at employers choice 48 hours per fortnight);
  • a 20 minute rest break for each 6 hour working day, if over 18; 

Plus, if an employer requires an employee to work 48+ per week they must get the individual to sign an ‘opt-out’ form, which should be reviewed and re-signed annually.

If you would like further advice on the Working Time Directive and its implications for you and your business then do get in touch with Denise on at DEMand RESULTS on 01455 240 638.

DEMand RESULT can provide you and your business with expert and specialist support with:

  • HR issues and planning
  • business and personal development

To find out more, please CLICK here to visit their feature on the bestofhinckley and to  read what clients have to say about DEMand RESULTS.

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