Precision Engineers in Hinckley - at the heart of the Worlds most powerful engines
11th December 2010
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<p>One of the major aims of the<strong><span style="COLOR: #00ccff">best</span></strong>of<strong><span style="COLOR: #00ccff">hinckley</span></strong> is to <strong>search out the very best businesses in the area</strong>. Many of these businesses become <strong><span style="COLOR: #00ccff">best</span></strong>of business members on our Hinckley website but this is not always the case and at times this is also not always appropriate. Our remit is to let local people know about local businesses that they can buy from or be confident to do business with. However, particularly in my role as Chair of the <strong><a title="Visit the HBA website" href="" target="_blank">Hinckley Business Association</a></strong>, I also meet with many businesses that have national and even international markets. These may not become members of the<strong><span style="COLOR: #00ccff">best</span></strong>of<strong><span style="COLOR: #00ccff">hinckley</span></strong> but it is still a privilege to be able to meet with them, find out more about what they do and whenever possible, <strong>celebrate their successes and achievements</strong>.</p> <p><strong><em>Arrow Precision Engineering</em></strong> falls into this category of being an exceptional local business, member of the Hinckley Business Association and one that I have recently had the good fortune to visit. The <strong><em>Arrow Precision</em></strong> manufacturing facility is now based on the Hinckley Fields Industrial Estate and the company was formed by David Arnold in 1974.  The company employs around 60 people, many of whom are highly skilled engineers, and they operate in the specialist field of design and manufacture of high quality performance engine components. This components are specifically for <strong>motorsports or high performance vintage and classic vehicles</strong>.</p> <p>The <strong><em>Arrow Precision Engineering</em></strong> product range is extensive and includes the supply and manufacture of engine connecting rods, crank shafts, cam followers, flywheels, valve guides and pre-ground shims. They are also the UK supplier of <strong>ARP </strong>(Automotive Racing Product)<strong> Fasteners</strong>, a range that includes virtually every high specification fastener found in an engine and driveline.</p> <p>The manufacturing facility at Hinckley Fields is really very impressive to see with many high-tech CNC (computer numerical control) machines, design and quality control equipment. The company works to <strong>very high quality standards and tight tolerances</strong>, with specialist materials to finish machine outsourced forgings or manufacture components from bar stock. It is not unusual for <strong><em>Arrow Precision</em></strong> to have to manufacture components without the benefit of the original drawings when working with vintage or classic vehicle engine components. In such cases, the company will use the components from the original (failed, damaged or worn components) as the template for the new replacement.</p> <p>We often hear so much of the bad news in the area – job cuts, company closures and failed local industries. For this reason it is so <strong>refreshing and worthy of celebration</strong>, to have had the privilege to visit such a forward thinking, high-tech engineering company right on our doorstep.</p> <p><strong><em>Arrow Precision Engineering</em></strong> are certainly not hiding their skills from the rest of the world because they have recently exhibited at the Professional <strong>MotorSport World Expo</strong> (PMW) in Cologne, Germany (16 - 18 November 2010) where they launched their new M2000. The M2000 is a truly exciting and innovative advance in material specification that bridges the gap in cost and extreme performance! <strong><em>Arrow Precision Engineering</em></strong> is currently exhibiting at the 23rd Annual <strong>Performance Racing Industry (PRI) Trade Show</strong> in Orlando, USA (9 - 11 Dec 2010). Then <strong><em>Arrow Precision</em></strong> will be exhibiting a little closer to home at the <strong><a title="Find out more about Autosport Engineering 2011 in Birmingham." href="" target="_blank">Autosport Engineering 2011</a></strong> in Birmingham (13 - 14 Jan 2011).</p> <p>If you would like to find out more about this Hinckley gem - <strong><em>Arrow Precision Engineering</em></strong>, or require their specialist services for high quality performance engine component manufacture then <a title="Visit the Arrow Precision Enginering website." href="" target="_blank">visit their website</a> where you will find a quote request page and an online shopping facility for a wide range of engine components.</p>/e900b132-a2aa-47d8-a38c-1dee213527f1.jpg/80fafdec-c9be-48e2-91ce-fe9ae335cfc2.jpg
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