Photographic Restorations - great gift ideas
14th December 2009
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Stuck for that perfect gift for someone?  Well, take a look at the photographic restoration below, that is available from Burbage Photo Centre, and this may be just the inspiration you need!

Image that old, rather damaged but treasured photograph of you, your mum or dad, family, pets, etc. perfectly restored, mounted and framed in a stylish new frame.  What a beautiful and personal gift that could be.  Burbage Photo Centre can do just this for you and have a range of restoration services to suit the original condition of the photograph.  For example:

Standard Restoration - from just £10.00 and suitable for when the photograph has sustained little or no physical damage but needs restoration to correct fading or discolouration.  This can be restoration of contrast and colour cast, removal of minor scratches or removal of sections of an image.

Advanced Restoration - from just £15 to £25 and suitable when the photograph has sustained some physical damage but not a significant amount.  The damage could be torn corners, creases, lines, marks or stains. The photographs can also be converted to monochrome black and white or sepia tints.

Expert Restoration - from £25, this service is required where complex detail needs to be repaired (eg hands, feet, lace, etc.).  It is also possible to rebuild major features of the photograph (eg background, parts of the face).

If you're not sure if we could restore your photograph because of the extent of damage then bring it in and let us provide you with a quotation.  Your original photograph will not be further damaged in any way when we work with them.  Your photograph is first scanned and only then do we work on the scanned image to carry out the necessary corrections and repairs.

The prices above do not include the cost of framing but we have a wide range of styles and prices of frames available to perfectly finish the results of the restoration.  All our framing is done on-site at the Burbage Photo Centre and we would be pleased to advise you on the right frame to achieve the best effect.

For further information, contact the local specialists in photographic printing and restoration at the Burbage Photo Centre, Britannia Buildings, Coventry Road, Burbage, Nr. Hinckley, Leicestershire LE10 2HL.  Telephone 01455 239 172.

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