One in three of us die without leaving a valid Will in place!
15th December 2010
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In this, the  first of a series of three articles by Will Writer and Estate Planning professional - Rob Abell, he looks at the sad but true consequences of not having a valid Will in place if you should die ...

Rob says ...

Did you know that one in three of us die without leaving a valid Will in place, which potentially can leave behind you nothing but acrimony, arguments and financial hardship for our nearest and dearest?

A lot of people think that because they have relatively simple straight forward lives, there isn’t an argument for making a Will. They think “If the worst happens, surely everything will go to the other half anyway …. won’t it?” but the answer sadly is – “no not always”!

Our strict UK Intestacy law will actually dictate who gets what and when and can lead to huge financial problems for the family left behind, the very ones who have to sort everything out. Take a typical family where the father has died unexpectedly, his estate could easily be split up between his wife and their three children with a significant part of it being tied up in trust for his wife and the children. This could potentially leave the wife short of immediate funds to pay all the bills. It’s simple really, writing a Will is essential, relative inexpensive to do and importantly can avoid all of this heartache for your surviving relatives.

When you write a Will, use a fully trained, qualified and insured member of the Institute of Professional Willwriters is a straight forward and sensible choice, they will explain matters to you in plain English and all in the comfort of your own home.

If you would like further advice or guidance on Will Writing or Estate Planning, with no obligations, do please contact me - Rob Abell at Will Planning Solutions on 01455 268 677.

For further information and contact details for Will Planning Solutions please visit their feature on the bestofhinckley.

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