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13th April 2009
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Have you seen our latest feature posted just last week? Here is an opportunity that is open to everyone to set-up a new business with little up front costs. Do not imagine though that this is a get-rich-quick scheme, hard work and effort will be required but it does have great and proven potential for serious income generation.

If you are looking for a low cost, flexible business opportunity in the Hinckley area that can earn you between £250 and £10,000+ per month then this is worth a look at. The only limiting factors to your earnings potential are you and the time and energy that you are willing to put in!

For more detailed information about this exciting local business opportunity in the Hinckley area you should take a look at Jacqueline Dixon's new feature, which can be found in our 'Business Opportunities' category.

Basically, Jacqueline can be your guide through the process of setting up as an independent distributor with Forever Living Products International. By establishing a network of clients through your family, friends, colleagues or current clients/customers and selling them quality Aloe Vera products you can quickly achieve a steady new income stream and at a level you choose.

Because this is not a franchise, start-up costs are minimal and so with low overhead costs, you have the flexibility to invest as much of your time as you wish to generate your desired level of additional income.

Training and support will be provided to get you started and help you to set-up this potential new income stream, which could run in parallel with or separately from your existing business or employment. If you would like to find out, CLICK on the link below to visit Jacqueline's feature.

Business Opportunity with Forever Living Products

Alternatively, simply contact Jacqueline directly on 01455 271 394 to arrange a NO PRESSURE - NO COMMITMENTS appointment to talk about this great opportunity.

You have nothing to lose but everything to gain and so make the call NOW!

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