Look and Feel at your Best with Non-surgical Facial Cosmetics
21st July 2010
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During her last open evening visit in June to Athena the highly experienced cosmetic healthcare specialist - Emeline Hartley (Dip. HE) had clients queuing out of the doors! On this occasion that will not be necessary because you can now book your own, private and confidential consultation in advance.

If you have ever thought about non-surgical facial cosmetics then this is an opportunity not to be missed. The consultations with Emeline, a specialist in the treatment of problematic skin conditions, are completely FREE and without any obligation at all to go forward with treatments.

During your own private and confidential consultation Emeline will provide you with all the advice and guidance that you may need on the potential benefits of cosmetic enhancements, for example, muscle relaxing treatments (using Botulinum toxin type A), dermal fillers and chemical peels. These treatments can dramatically reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles/lines, acne scarring, eye bags/dark circles and enable you to look and feel at your very best.

Suzy B (Hinckley), who had a wrinkle relaxing treatment to remove frown lines and crows feet from around the eyes, said ….

“This was my first ever aesthetic treatment and didn’t hurt at all. Emeline made me feel very comfortable and I am so pleased with the results, which took about 10-14 days to fully take effect. I still have movement and a natural look, but without the lines and wrinkles. I went straight back to work after having treatment during my lunch hour and it was great, as no down time. I have already recommended CHS to friends with similar problems.”

Need to know more? Then don’t wait, book your own private and confidential consultation with CHS specialist Emeline at Athena Beauty now – telephone 01455 890 790.

You may also wish to visit the Cosmetic Healthcare Solutions website for further details on the full range of non-surgical facial aesthetics treatments now available at your local beauty salon – Athena: beauty therapy & complete nail care at the Health Circle centre, Hinckley.

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