Leaflet Design for Your Business or Organisation
24th April 2010
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When advertising leaflets are designed correctly and then placed in the right locations they can generate an incredible amount of interest and potential revenue for your business or organisation. Getting the design of the leaflet or flyer right is crucial to its success and here are just a few tips that may be of help to you.

The design of your leaflet should always:

  • have a clear message to give – you need to decide right from the outset just what it is that you are trying to offer, sell or inform;
  • keep content simple – it is important not to overload your leaflet or flyer with too much information and this can be text or images;
  • have a clear focus on the benefits - your target audience needs to know just how you can help them or how they will benefit;
  • make it quite clear how your ‘offer’ is differentiated from your competitors – this is often referred to as your unique selling points (USP), which are the key factors that differentiate your business, organisation, product or service from that of your competition;
  • have a clear call to action – what do you want the reader to do next having read the leaflet or flyer, should they call you, visit your event, business showroom or website, etc.?

Typically, you have just 3 seconds to either attract your reader enough for them to pick up and read your leaflet or quite simply, they will move on! This means that your advertising leaflet or flyer really does have to grab the potential reader’s attention immediately and to achieve this the leaflet or flyer must:

  • have a big punchy heading or a question to answer;
  • raise the interest of the reader by focusing on and demonstrating advantages and benefits rather than features, as is often seen in traditional advertising materials;
  • create a desire for the product, services or organisation;
  • lead the potential customer or client towards the action you desire – a purchase or to visit your event, etc.

At Trident - graphic design and print we can help you to get this right. For further help and guidance with your leaflet design call Adam today on 01455 557 766 or mobile 07903 829 666.

If you would like to find out more about Trident - visit their feature on the bestofhinckley for further information about their range of services and contact details.

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