Kitchen Design & Installation - bright modern kitchen
12th December 2010
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The challenge set for Rob McVey - Carpenter and Joiner, was to design and install a new kitchen and to breathe life back into a rather dated and relatively small but potentially, very functional kitchen.  

Did he achive the challenge? Well, you can judge for yourself by taking a look at the before and after photographs below.

I think you will agree that Rob has really made the most of the space and created a clean and modern look.

The advantage of using Rob for your, kitchen, large or small, is simple and clear. You will be employing a craftsman with a pride in his work, a good eye for shape and form plus all the skills and experience required to ensure a first class finished job.

The other benefit of having your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom fitments designed and installed by Rob is that the costs will be very competitive. Often saving you up to 50% on appliances and equipment because you are paying for his time and not the mark-up on equipment!

If you would like Rob to give you a no obligation quotation for your kitchen or any other carpentry and joinery work then just give him a call on 01455 285 482 or mobile 07709 442 758. If you would like to find out more about Rob McVey - Carpenter and Joiner and the work that he undertakes visit his feature on the bestofhinckley.

You may also like to take a look at a larger kitchen design and installation by Rob McVey - Carpenter and Joiner, if so CLICK here - it's stunning!

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