JobMAETs - helping people to find work and /or suitable training.
9th February 2010
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(multi agency employment team)

Lesley Winnard, the Engagement Officer for JobMAETs (Leicestershire) part of the The Intraining Group (a multi agency employment team), tells us just how they can help to get Hinckley people back into work ...

JobMAETs is a 13 week voluntary government ESF funded programme, available to anyone not on a mandatory New Deal programme.  There are no charges for our assistance.

Our Personal Advisors are outreach based at locations within the community, meeting with clients who have often faced redundancy, to focus on individual work focussed goals, in order to assist them to find work and/or suitable training.

These advisors are able to deliver soft skills where required, such as designing a CV and personal profile, providing interview techniques, confidence and motivational coaching.  All JobMAETs clients will receive support, advice information and guidance as per the AIG framework.

As an Engagement Officer, my role is to work with those clients who are ‘job ready’ to optimise and widen their search for employment.  This may involve forging links and partnerships with local employers to form long term referral processes, job search and vacancy matching.  It also includes the promoting of the £1,000 employer voucher scheme and arranging ‘work trials’ (whereby a client may work for an employer without charge for an agreed period of time, in order to demonstrate their suitability to a job) both are in conjunction with Job Centre Plus.

For more details, contact Lesley on 0800 783 5216  or for more information visit

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