Jewellery Design Techniques
1st June 2010
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The crafting of hand made jewellery brings together many technical skills and I would like to help you understand some of them as best I can so that you can better appreciate my range of Corinna2Designs jewellery.

If you view my online catalogue then you can’t help to notice that Silver is a metal that features quite a lot in my designs. A precious metal, Silver is an excellent material to work with and form into intricate shape without being overly expensive. In our jewellery we only use quality Sterling and Fine Silver, which in its polished form is attractive and bright.

I am sure that you will have noticed how your Silver jewellery over a period of time can start to dull and change colour, especially if left lying in the open,   this is due to the metal reacting with oxygen in the air. The technical term would be that it oxidises. Oxidation of any metal (with a steel you would call it rust!) can be seen as a disadvantage but to a jewellery designer it becomes yet another tool to create something just that bit different.

Careful use of chemicals can actually create some beautiful effects on Silver through the deliberate oxidisation of the metal. For example, by using a chemical called Liver of sulphate – a chemical mixture of potassium carbonate and sulphur, I can change the appearance of Silver from its bright metallic look to anything from a light yellow-brown colour to a deep dark blue-black. This process is not new as it has been attributed to an Arab Alchemist back in 776AD!

The images below show two similar pieces of jewellery made from Sterling Silver but with one in the natural, polished, state and the other using the oxidization technique.

The use of techniques like oxidization means that I am able to design pieces for my customers that work with a particular colour scheme or match well with an outfit.  In fact I am currently working on a jewellery set for a Mother-of-the Bride which is utilizing this oxidization technique.

If you would like to know more about the range of Corinna2Deigns quality hand made jewellery or to discuss a specific design that you would like created especially for you then do contact me - Corinna on 01455 251 291.


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