It's Time to BID for the Future Hinckley
31st October 2008
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Hinckley town centre has a great opportunity approaching as we get close to the final date for the Business Improvement District (BID) ballot on the 18th November 2008. Don't miss it, have your say.

It would seem absolute madness not to take the Business Improvement District (BID) project forward. I have heard so many people say that something needs to be done about our town centre and now here's an opportunity for the local businesses to do just that. Collectively, the cost to businesses is relatively minimal in comparison to the benefits that can be brought to our town centre and the result of course will be to encourage more shoppers to come into town. The BID is is all about added value and it is not about paying for council services twice. Added value must equal added attraction for all.

The local Chamber of Trade (HCOT) has been fighting the battles for the businesses and people of Hinckley for years but without access to substantial funding its impact, although significant, can only be limited. However, if we can achieve a collaboration with the Town Centre Partnership, HCOT and other town centre interest groups backed by the funding from the BID the impact on the town centre can only be beneficial! George Thacker, the Chairman of the HCOT says "The Hinckley Chamber of Trade is in full support of the BID proposal and will be working alongside the BID if successful in support of local business. (Seven of the Sixteen Directors of the Company formed to run the BID are Chamber Members) We urge you to consider voting yes to the BID, which we believe will not only add a real value to the local economy …".

It is said that just keep doing the SAME THING but expecting a different result is a sign of absolute madness.

So come on Hinckley town centre businesses, let's do something different and see if we can MAKE A DIFFERENCE and move the town of Hinckley forward into 2009 and beyond - VOTE YES!

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