Ideal Business Solution for Christmas Cards
12th November 2010
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Nigel Knapp of Headway B2B says “Have you ordered your company Christmas cards yet? If not, don't panic, we can save you time and quite possibly, save you some money!”.

How can they do that? Well Headway B2B can provide you with your own branded interactive Digital Christmas Cards.  The cards have falling snow and audio options that are certainly proving a hit with people and businesses this year. The great thing is that there are multiple benefits to you and your business from using these electronic cards rather than the traditional mailed cards in that:

  • firstly, they can build your brand awareness
  • plus, include a charity element

.. but not only that, because you can send your digital card to ALL your contacts and not just cherry pick the 'important' ones they increase your reach and influence but keep your costs down!

1 x Digital Christmas card = Unlimited Distribution!

If you are not sure or confident about how the e-mail distribution works then don't worry because Headway B2B can take care of that for you too!

CLICK here to view a sample electronic Christmas card.

If you would like to know more about the digital Christmas cards or other digital business marketing solutions for your business then contact Nigel on 01455 292 157 or visit the Headway B2B feature on thebestofhinckley.

If you simply wish to place your order NOW then you can use the order form in the brochure via, or call 01638 565323.

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