How to Hang a Door - Rob McVey to the rescue!
27th April 2011
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<p>Our bestof <strong><em>carpenter and joiner - Rob McVey</em></strong> is a highly skilled craftsman with a wealth of knowledge on wood and its applications.  <strong>Many may think that hanging a door, especially a replacement door, would be a simple enough task</strong>.  However, a recent enquiry that Rob received for just such a job proved that this is <strong>not always the case if you do not have the right skills!</strong></p> <p>The enquiry came through because the client’s husband had taken it upon himself to replace a number of internal doors in the house. One of these he had done (sort of) but the others were stored in the garage awaiting his attention and they had for some time and hence, the client's call to Rob!  It was a case of ‘Rob McVey to the rescue’ to save the day and avoid further delay for the wife and embarrassment for the husband who had, on his first attempt, found that this is <strong>not such a simple task - to do properly</strong>. </p> <p>Needless to say, all the doors were professionally fitted and hung by Rob in quick time, much to the amazement of the client (and her husband) at just how quickly he could fit and hang them.  They were both really pleased with the final results and also for the relatively reasonable cost for a job that had been done so well. </p> <p>If you are <strong>thinking about replacing doors (internal or external) or undertaking any other carpentry or joinery tasks</strong> then I would strongly suggest that you get Rob to give you a quote.  Getting it right the first time can save both time and costs (getting a door wrong can be an expensive mistake). </p> <p>For further help, guidance and advice on woodworking tasks – large, small, domestic or commercial - <strong><em>give the woodworking specialist Rob McVey a call on 07709 442 758</em></strong>. </p> <p>To find out more about Rob McVey and the work he undertakes <a title="Find out more about the work of Rob McVey - carpenter and joiner." href="" target="_blank"><strong>CLICK here</strong></a><strong> to visit his feature on thebestofhinckley</strong>.<br /> </p>/7737744e-5cf0-4f18-b39a-2c623b34987b.jpg/092f817e-6a98-4a9c-b897-5d9dbfce223d.doc
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