How to Effectively Implement the Bribery and Corruption Policy in your Business
20th April 2011
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Our bestof Human Resource specialist and business consultant – Denise Mather of DEMand RESULTS provides some useful pointers to ensure the effective implementation of the latest legislative changes to Bribery and Corruption Policy.

Denise says …

Businesses that operate in the finance industry are very aware of the recent legislative changes to the Bribery and Corruption Policy.  However, it is very important to appreciate that all businesses need to have an understanding of this policy to ensure that they are also compliant.

Employers can take a few elementary steps to address some of the requirements of the legislation. These are to:

  • ensure that your disciplinary policy and staff handbook are updated to reflect that bribery and corruption will not be tolerated and may result in dismissal 
  • let your team know that your businesses Disciplinary Policy has been updated to comply with the legislation and explain the impact of the additions on them 
  • put a process in place to remind you to monitor and to remind the team that bribery and/or corruption of …
    • colleagues
    • clients
    • customers
    • or third party suppliers

… will not be tolerated and may result in disciplinary action being taken which could result in their dismissal.

If you are unsure of your responsibilities within the scope of the Bribery and Corruption Policy legislation then do contact Denise Mather at DEMand RESULT on 01455 240 638.

For more information about the range of human resource and business development services available from DEMand RESULTS please visit their feature on thebestofhinckley.


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