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28th February 2011
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<p><strong>Denise Mather</strong> is the owner of the company <strong><em>DEMAND Results</em></strong> and is a trained and registered UK mediator. Denise can bring the years of corporate experience in human resource management to your business and at a cost that even small businesses can afford. In fact, the cost of not using the skills that Denise can bring to the management of your personnel could be much greater than the costs of Denise’s intervention.</p> <p>On the issue of workplace disputes, Denise says …</p> <p>Work place <strong>disputes can be stressful for both the individual concerned and the manager or business owner</strong>. They can also be extremely damaging and costly for a business and particularly, if handled in the wrong way. Ultimately, what starts out as a relatively minor dispute between two people may end up going to an employment tribunal. This will involve many more people, remove any control you may have over the situation and place the outcome in the hands of others. The outcomes are often uncertain, based firmly in employment law and this can be a <strong>very costly route to take both in financial terms and the time lost</strong> for the business.</p> <p>One of the recommend and most effective ways to manage work place disputes is to <strong>resolve the issue through the provision of mediation</strong>.  This is a facility where an independent and professionally trained person takes the relevant parties through a facilitated process to reach a mutually acceptable agreement on how to resolve the issue.</p> <p>The current guidance from ACAS and changes to Employment Tribunal procedures mean that <strong>employers are being encouraged to explore the option of mediation</strong> to reduce the number of cases going to tribunal and to minimise the disruption and financial burden for all parties in progressing an Employment Tribunal claim.</p> <p><strong><em>DEMand RESULTS</em></strong> are <strong>certified mediators on the</strong> <a title="Find out more about the UK Register of Mediators." href="http://www.ukregisterofmediators.co.uk/" target="_blank"><strong>UK Register of Mediators</strong></a> and can now provide you with an affordable set fee service. If you are facing a dispute or can see one building, <strong>contact us now for more details and free initial advice and guidance on 01455 240 638.</strong></p> <p style="padding-left: 30px;"><em>Cerys W has used and recommends the services of DEMand RESULTS, she says ...</em></p> <p style="padding-left: 30px;"><em>"You were brilliant! Along with your professionalism, you showed such care, support and understanding which was so appreciated in what was a distressing time. A true angel!"</em></p> <p><a title="Find out what people say about DEMand Results" href="http://www.thebestof.co.uk/local/hinckley/business-guide/feature/demand-results-hinckley/71924/review" target="_blank">CLICK here to read more fabulous testimonials</a> for Denise and DEMand RESULTS.</p> <p>Alternatively, for more information about Denise and her company - <strong><em>DEMAND Results</em></strong> <a title="Visit the DEMAND Results feature on thebestof Hinckley." href="http://www.thebestof.co.uk/local/hinckley/business-guide/feature/demand-results-hinckley/71924" target="_blank"><strong>visit their feature on thebestofhinckley</strong></a>.</p> <p> </p>/ad98e365-d905-4266-b6cc-3ef6e5ca7f4d.jpg/b0af9a7c-79b5-4309-8e6a-0bcfd96420d5.jpg
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