Guidance on Employment Tribunals - how to avoid them!
22nd March 2011
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<p>Our best of human resource specialist – <strong>Denise Mather of <em>DEMand RESULTS</em></strong>, examines the recent increases in the settlement costs at employment tribunals. With the correct planning and documentation you could avoid getting to this point. Denise says ….</p> <p>There is no doubt that an <a title="Find out more about employment tribunals from the DirectGov website." href="" target="_blank">Employment Tribunal</a> is something that any businesses would wish to avoid. When you consider that the maximum settlement award for an <strong>unfair dismissal claim can be at least £68,400</strong> then there is even more motivation to not get to this point. But that is not all, with compensatory payments on top, this can actually rise to as much as £80,400 and employers should be aware that this payment does not include their legal fees or the cost of dealing with a claim!</p> <p><strong>The most common cause for employers to be successful taken to tribunal is not having the right employment documentation in place.</strong> If this is the case they are at high risk of being taken to an employment tribunal. It is clear from the figures above that this will be financially costly but also in terms of time, impact on the business, impact on customers and the overall impact on others working in the business.</p> <p><strong><em>DEMand RESULTS</em></strong> can help and for a limited period only are offering to provide appropriate <strong>employment contracts and core policies for a business for a monthly fee of between £20 and £40 per month.</strong></p> <p>If you wish to keep away from Employment Tribunals then contact Denise now for a no obligation and no cost discussion about how <strong><em>DEMand RESULTS</em></strong> can help you and your business – <strong>telephone Denise on 01455 240 638</strong>.</p> <p style="padding-left: 30px;"><em>Diane L (LinC Medical Systems, Leicestershire) recommends DEMand RESULT and says ... </em></p> <p style="padding-left: 30px;"><em>" I have used DEMand RESULTS to produce employment contracts, policies and procedures. These have been delivered promptly and met our need to provide clarity and guidance on statutory requirements. Thank you."</em></p> <p><a title="Read more testimonials for DEMand RESULTS." href="" target="_blank">CLICK here to read what others have had to say</a> about the services of DEMand RESULTS.</p> <p>Alternatively, for more information about Denise and her company - <strong><em>DEMand Results</em></strong> <a title="Visit the DEMand RESULTS feature on thebestof Hinckley" href="" target="_blank">visit their feature on thebestofhinckley</a>.</p>/83559369-4043-40e9-ac41-95101302bdc3.jpg/464ef755-cd3f-4632-a22c-8781dfaf74fd.jpg
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