Free Massage for Peace
2nd September 2009
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This year marks the 10th Anniversary of filmmaker Jeremy Gilley embarking on his attempt to fix a calendar date as Peace Day. In 2001 all 192 Member States of the United Nations adopted the 21st September as an International Day of Peace.
This day of Global Ceasefire & Non-Violence is not only about creating Peace between nations, it’s about non-violence in our homes, Schools & communities. Therefore Peace Day is relevant to everyone.
What Jeremy Gilley says for this day is that you just do something peaceful and if everyone in the world had a peaceful day then the world would be at peace, even if for just One Day. Practically 3 million children have been immunised on Peace Day in Afghanistan on September 21st 2007 & 2008 as a ceasefire allowed Aid Agencies a safe passage into some of the most war-torn areas.

What better way to celebrate and support this important day than to have a massage!  The aim is to enable you to find personal peace by taking time out for yourself, to relax and to contemplate your own potential contributions to the cause of global peace?

Essentials Beauty & Health Clinic will be opening from 1.00pm to 8.00pm on the Day of Peace - Monday 21st September 2009 and will be giving FREE ‘NO HANDS®’ massages all day to anyone willing to make a donation to this noble call for peace for everyone. The suggested amount to donate would be £5.00 but everything donated on the day will be go to Peace One Day.

To book your FREE ‘NO HANDS®’ massage contact Pat Parkin at Essentials Beauty & Health Clinic on 01455 230747 but places are obviously limited to the time available and so book early!

The  NO HANDS® Massage approach is to use the soft part of the forearm to deliver a deep and powerful treatment at zero strain to the therapist and pain free to the client. Further information can be found at
Further information about Peace One Day can be found on their website at

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