Five Reasons to Hire a Great Carpentry & Joinery Company
20th November 2015
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There are so many reasons why we make changes to rooms in our homes.  One reason is to increase or create better storage space, but we may also be looking to make overall improvements to living spaces, such as remodelling kitchens or bathrooms to meet our everyday needs.


There’s an abundance of home furnishing products now on the market, giving us ample choice for purchasing the furniture we need for rooms.  We can now obtain most items of furniture in flat pack form for assembly, but do the flat pack options and pre-built home furnishing products utilise the spaces we have available in our homes?  Are we working around them? Are they really providing the correct levels of storage for us?

Much more consideration can be given to the changes we want to make to our homes if we utilise the experience of someone who has the ability to design and custom build furniture, therefore making greater use of the space we have available. 

Here are just five reasons why you should consider hiring a carpentry and joinery company to make changes to your home.

To Remodel or Build a New Kitchen – Everyone has a dream kitchen in mind.  It’s such a functional room that we use daily and the more efficiently we can use it the better for our daily lives.  Flat pack furniture can only achieve so much and there always wasted spaces.  A great joiner can quickly assess your kitchen space and design a great kitchen for you based on this.  They’ll also have the expertise to build and fit units and cupboards and can often source your appliances too.

Bathroom Fitments & Remodelling – We’ve got the basics of a bathroom down, the toilet, the sink and the bath and/or shower, but it’s the storage around this that requires a little extra thought and work.  A carpentry and joinery company can carry out work on your skirting boards, build fabulous storage cabinets specifically for your bathroom and if it’s in keeping with your chosen style, they can fit casings around baths and toilets etc. 

Custom-Made Furniture – You have an awkward corner in one of your rooms which would be ideal for storage and you’ve tried to fit in numerous shelving units and cupboards over the years, but they’ve just not fit property or provided the right amount of storage.  A carpentry and joinery company would assess the space a build the ideal solution to fit the space and provide you with the storage you need.  Aside from this need, you may find that there are aspects of furniture you’ve seen that you like, but it’s just not quite perfect.  A joiner can re-create furniture with all the aspects you love, to give you your own custom made piece to suit your needs. 

Wooden Floors – Increasingly popular and long lasting is the wooden floor, which we’re using in many rooms of our homes now.  Even with the most difficult spaces where click or laminate will not fit, a joiner can make and fit flooring to fit any spaces in the home. 

Stair Cases & Skirting Boards – Joiners can repair or completely rebuild stair cases and skirting boards.  Over time these items can become warn and also many skirting boards within older homes are often glossed and re-glossed in an attempt to freshen them up.  However, once you have your newly decorated room, this often isn’t adequate anymore and there’s that desire to get new wooden skirting boards that require a simple touch of varnish on very rare occasions.  They really stand out and make the room look fabulous.


Throughout Hinckley and Leicestershire Robert McVey Carpentry and Joinery Services carry out a wide variety of work within homes, which includes remodelling bathrooms, designing and building kitchens, creating custom-made furniture, repairing and rebuilding stair cases and skirting boards, fitting wood panelling and much more.

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