Exported to China - Loud & Clear! has Far Eastern Promise
12th November 2010
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Our bestof voice coach and principal of Hinckley Speech & Drama Studio and Loud&Clear! Voice Coaching - Priscilla Morris, is setting off for a month’s work in Hong Kong shortly.  This will be her 7th visit to the Far East as one of the international judges at the Hong Kong Speech Festival.

Priscilla will be judging competitions in Public Speaking, Verse Speaking, Prose Reading, Acting and other areas of communication in performance.  She will not just be working on Hong Kong island but also up into the New Territories towards China where she is usually the only European face to be seen. 

While there she has an appointment at the Standard Chartered Bank, who are interested in her voice coaching for business.

Priscilla will write her monthly blog from there, which should be available to read early in December.

If you would like to know more about Priscilla's work then visit the bestofhinckley features for Hinckley Speech & Drama Studio and the voice coaching feature for Loud&Clear!

You can also follow Priscilla on Twitter or Facebook.

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