DEMand Results Goes Back to School
1st April 2010
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Thanks to Geoff I have had the opportunity to support a local school, in a voluntary capacity, with a business project they are undertaking.  The school is specifically for children who have autism and the teachers pride themselves on giving the children the same opportunities and syllabus as they would have experienced if they had remained in the main steam education system.

The key difference is that it takes longer and requires some dedicated 1:1 support from the teachers to help the children learn and to develop their knowledge, confidence and social skills.  As part of the business project they have already designed and sold personalised key rings to pupils and parents, which have already made a profit.  They are now working on ideas for Easter and I'm sure they will be successful with this venture too.

This year I have decided to get a much better balance on work and charitable causes and so apart from the support with the school I have also organised a sponsored walk of Hadrian's wall to raise money for Cancer Research and specifically Breast Cancer (read thebest of blog article dated 17 Feb 2010 and the update 18 Mar 2010). 

You can find out more and help me to raise money for Breast Cancer Research by going to the website -




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