Commercial Property Lettings Hinckley - it's time to say YES!
18th April 2011
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<p><strong>Steve Chadwick</strong>, Director of <em><strong>Martin & Co. Hinckley</strong></em>, has three good reasons to celebrate in April 2011:</p> <ul> <li>his first year as a dedicated property letting agent in Hinckley with a passion for excellence </li> <li>having had a highly successful first year that has set a firm foundation for future growth </li> <li>expansion into Commercial Property Lettings. </li> </ul> <p>Steve says …</p> <p>Starting a new business is always a stressful time and for so many reasons. Not least of these is the very basic – <strong>can I make my passion to deliver an exceptional property lettings service work in Hinckley?</strong> Well, at the end of year one I am pleased to be able to step back, reflect and express a verdict on the year to date and say ‘YES’ we’ve done it!</p> <p>To say that it hasn’t been a tough and testing year at times would be a lie. Like any new start up business, I have endured many emotional and financial rollercoaster rides over this first year. Just starting a new business, and particularly a letting agency, in the current economic climate is bound to have its challenges. I was once described by a fellow competitor as “having plenty of courage to do so” although, he did say this in rather more colourful terms, which would not be entirely suitable for publishing!</p> <p><strong>What do I put our success down to?</strong> Making some good decisions when it came to staff has played a very important part in this. I needed to find <strong>people who would share and support my determination and vision to deliver exceptional levels of customer service – as standard. </strong> In particular, I have been grateful for the valuable contribution of my property lettings negotiator Lee Griffiths, our key suppliers and of course the support of our Martin & Co head office. All have played their part in helping me to make it happen and for this I offer my thanks.</p> <p>To establish <strong><em>Martin & Co. Hinckley</em></strong> as a reliable and respected property letting agents in town <strong>I have introduced many self-made rules for the business. One of these is to never say NO!</strong> Our rule is to say yes and then make it happen! The essential ingredient to this rule is to carefully follow each task through and do a good a job that will exceed expectations.</p> <p>I have to admit that a few times during our first year I have broken my own rule when asked if we did Commercial Lettings – I said NO! Reflecting on the successes of this first year, and being able to step back, take a breath and look to the future, I have asked myself the obvious question - why are we not doing Commercial Lettings? In analysis, at <strong><em>Martin & Co. Hinckley</em></strong>:</p> <ul> <li>we are qualified to compile the relevant Energy Performance Certificates </li> <li>it isn’t a massive shift away from Residential Lettings to Commercial Lettings </li> <li>commercial letting could in fact complement the existing business structure. </li> </ul> <p><strong>So the answer now, when asked if we do commercial lettings is a firm YES</strong>. Plus, you can be sure that you will get excellent customer service currently being enjoyed by our residential landlords and tenants.</p> <p>If you would like to <strong>discuss your residential or commercial property letting requirements</strong>, please give me – Steve Chadwick or my valued colleague - Lee Griffiths a <strong>call on 01455 268 982.</strong></p> <p>Alternatively, for further information and contact details, please <a title="Visit the Martin & Co. Hinckley feature on thebestof Hinckley." href="" target="_blank">visit the <strong><em>Martin & Co. Hinckley</em></strong> Property Lettings feature on thebestof Hinckley</a>.</p> <p> </p> <p style="padding-left: 30px;">RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL PROPERTY LETTING AGENTS HINCKLEY</p>/8c82727b-ae56-4670-9dd8-6bf976c59cad.jpg/401022a3-cf99-41f0-88fd-11b106da312b.jpg
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