Christmas Wreaths - built with care to your design.
13th December 2010
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This is a busy time for us at The Flower Shop with Christmas orders and in particular our ever popular Christmas Wreaths.

We sell many of our Christmas Wreaths directly from the shop, telephone orders and online. What many people don’t realise though is that all The Flower Shop Christmas Wreaths are hand finished by us in the shop. This means that, if you have a particular colour theme or style that you would like to have then we can tailor your Christmas Wreath to your individual taste.

When we create one of our Christmas Wreaths we start with a plain green wreath framework, generally spruce or holly or a mixture (see first picture below).  We then add the bow, which can be in a ribbon colour of your choice.  After that we add the decorative features - these can be Christmas baubles, dried fruit, berries, small artificial flowers, cinnamon sticks and so on (second picture below).

Some people like a Christmas Wreath with lots of decoration but for others a simpler wreath, with say just a few berries, is more appropriate.  It really is entirely down to personal choice and of course, the purpose of the wreath - for example, a welcoming Christmas wreath for a door or for a seasonal memorial.

We have lots of pre-made wreaths to choose from in the shop but if there’s nothing that takes your fancy then we will make something up for you to your design.  Don't worry you won't have to wait if you haven’t got the time, we can always deliver it for you when it's complete.

If you would like more information or to place an order for our Christmas Wreaths or Christmas Floral arrangements then do call us on 01455 265 084.

To find out more about The Flower Shop, visit our feature on thebestofhinckley.

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