Chiropody and Podiatry Clinic at Meridian Healthcare
14th July 2011
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Meridian Healthcare are pleased to introduce their qualified chiropodist/ podiatrist Andrew Haywood, who will run his clinic on Thursdays at the Meridian Healthcare Centre Hinckley between 8.30am - 7pm.

Andrew completed a three year full-time degree course obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Podiatry, from Sunderland University in 2000.

It became illegal rom July 2005 for anyone, without the necessary qualifications or Health Professions Council (HPC) registration, to call themselves a Chiropodist or Podiatrist.  Consequently some practitioners without the necessary HPC qualifications have begun to use such terms as Foot Health Practitioner or Foot Health Specialist.  If you are in any doubt whether a person is fully qualified, you can check with the Health Professions Council at or by calling 0845 3004 472.

Who could benefit from this Meridian Healthcare clinic?

Anyone with a foot health or related biomechanical problem can benefit from professional chiropody. For example the following conditions are regularly treated in the clinic:

Nail problems – such as thickened nails or ingrowing toenails, which can often be treated conservatively or may need surgical removal under a local anaesthetic.

Corns – arising from localized high pressure or friction resulting in the formation of callus.  Despite popular belief corns do not have roots, and are often caused by ill fitting footwear.

Verrucae – a common viral infection affecting all ages which may be present for months or even years.  Verrucae are contagious and can spread to other family members.

Heel pain – can be caused by a number of conditions, such as nerve entrapment, bursitis and plantar fasciitis.  Correct diagnosis of the underlying problem is essential for effective treatment, which can often be strapping and, or, orthotic management.

Sports injuries – can often lead to knee pain, ankle instability or shin splints.  These are often due to repetitive trauma caused by abnormal biomechanics of the foot.  These can often be corrected by appropriate stretching exercise and, or, orthotic management.

In addition, patients suffering from medical the conditions of diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis should always receive regular footcare.  Certain conditions, such as those above, can place the foot at greater risk of injury due to the underlying medical condition.

Depending upon your own particular foot health problems a consultation usually lasts for around thirty minutes.  Your appointment will be in a ground floor consultation room, so if stairs are a problem, do not worry.

If you like to find out more or book an appointment, please contact Meridian Healthcare on 01455 265 032.

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