Changes to Working Practices - The Equality Act
7th August 2010
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<p>Employers should be aware that <a title="Read more about The Equality Act" href="" target="_blank">The Equality Act</a> will be launched in October of this year.  Its introduction will require some changes to the working practices of many local businesses. The key areas of the act are around additional rights of parents and guardians with respect to paternity and maternity leave, which will be equally applicable to both men and women.   </p> <p>The entitlement to request flexible working will also be included and this will be open to all and not just restricted to parents of young children.  Currently, there are clear requirements when a business is faced with a request for flexible working from its employees. That is, the employers is required to:</p> <ul> <li>consider the request within compulsory timelines</li> <li>and, for any decision to refuse the request to be attributed to one of the recognised business reasons.</li> </ul> <p>The introduction of this Equality Act is also likely to mean that the requirement to complete a health questionnaires will no longer be acceptable unless they are specific need for a particular job. For example, health and safety issues around the operation of a machine.  </p> <p>It would appear at this stage that the expected clauses around openness and information on equal pay will not be introduced in October but this has yet to be confirmed.   </p> <p>If you are concerned about this new Act may affect your business then do please contact me - Denise Mather at <a title="Visit the DEMand Results feature on the bestof Hinckley" href="" target="_blank"><strong><span style="COLOR: #ff6600">DEMand Results</span></strong></a> on <strong>01455 240 638</strong> or <a title="Email Denise Mather at DEMand Results" href="" target="_blank">by email</a> to arrange a <strong>FREE initial consultation</strong> and discuss how you should best prepare for the changes to come.</p>/1d24b925-95a0-4966-83ca-001d28d7f6ac.jpg
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