Carbon Monoxide Alarms - the when and why you need to install them?
10th August 2010
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<p>The words gas and safety go together quite naturally and for most of us that is because we understand and appreciate the <strong>explosive potential of gas.</strong> However, many people still do not appreciate the silent killer that can touch us all if a gas fire, boiler or any other <a title="Find our what is meant by Open Flue." href="" target="_blank">open flue</a> gas appliance is incorrectly installed or maintained.</p> <p>For any gas appliance to work it needs to take air from its surroundings to enable <a title="Find out what combustion means." href="" target="_blank">combustion</a> (the burning of the gas) to take place. This means that if you have a gas boiler or gas fire in a room then it will need to take some of the air from that room unless an alternative supply is provided, which is unlikely in a domestic setting.</p> <p>Air is made up of <a title="Find out what air is made up of." href="" target="_blank">mainly oxygen</a> (21%) and Nitrogen (78%) with other trace gases.  It is the oxygen in air that is used for the combustion of the gas. Now this means of course that if a room is completely sealed off that the burning of gas would eventually remove most of the oxygen from the room to a point when the gas would no longer burn. But of course, if you should happen be in that room with the oxygen removed then<strong> without oxygen – you will die!</strong></p> <p>This need to supply an open burning flame with air (to provide the oxygen) is the reason that a room with an open flue gas appliance (gas boiler, gas fire, etc.) needs adequate ventilation. That is, the room needs a way in which air can be freely supplied to the flame and the products of combustion taken away. If this doesn’t occur then the <strong>danger and threat to life is always present</strong>.</p> <p><br />The prime indicator that there is insufficient ventilation or that the appliance is defective, is a build up in one of the products of combustion and the presence of carbon monoxide. This can occur if, for example, the gas appliance has been incorrectly installed or has not been sufficiently maintained or when the appropriate ventilation (designed source of air flow) has become blocked or even partially blocked. The deterioration of the fabric of a chimney due to age, excess soot or a bird falling into the chimney (a pigeon can be enough to block the flue of a gas appliance) can have a potentially lethal effect due to the removal of the oxygen in the surrounding air and a resulting build up of carbon monoxide.</p> <p><strong>You can't see, smell, or taste carbon monoxide</strong> and that it why I referred to it as the ‘silent killer’. If you are in a room and without your knowledge the ventilation is inadequate then after a time you will just drift off to sleep but a sleep that you may well never wake up from! This is where a <a title="Find out more about Carbon Monoxide detectors." href="" target="_blank">carbon monoxide detector</a> with an <strong>alarm can be an absolute life saver</strong>. Carbon Monoxide detectors/ alarms are relatively inexpensive (typical around £20 - £30) and easy to install (follow the instructions provided and you can do it yourself) but they can really save lives and so is it really worth the risk not to fit one?</p> <p>If you would <strong>like to know more about the risks, causes or problems with carbon monoxide</strong> or if have any concerns about your gas appliance installations – gas boilers, gas fire or other gas installations including domestic LPG installations then do contact me – <strong>Roy Lee</strong> on <strong>01455 268 676</strong> <strong>for FREE safety advice and guidance</strong> on all your plumbing and gas installations.</p> <p><a title="Visit the Roy Lee Plumbing & Heating feature on the bestof Hinckley." href="" target="_blank"><strong><span style="COLOR: #ff6600">CLICK here</span></strong></a> to find out more about Roy Lee Plumbing & Heating or <a title="Read testimonials to see the level of service that you can expect from Roy Lee Plumbing & Heating." href="" target="_blank"><strong><span style="COLOR: #ff6600">read the testimonials</span></strong></a> from his many highly satisfied customers.</p>/48ae83b0-02e5-46fb-aa6c-f51c91822a06.jpg/d123c5f3-c41e-4afe-9d1b-52ab519b44db.jpg
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