CAMRA Low Cost Sponsorship Offer
24th July 2010
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We are aware that financially it is difficult time at present for many local businesses and pleas for sponsorship must appear on your door-step all too frequently. In previous years the Hinckley CAMRA Beer Festival team have asked businesses to sponsor something of significance to the festival, (e.g. glasses) but this usually entails a cost of at least £200. This year we have found some resistance to such  large sponsorship amounts although we are pleased and appreciative that we have had some successes.
For the 3rd Hinckley CAMRA Beer Festival 9-11 September 2010 we have decided to try a different approach by looking for more sponsors but with a sponsorship offer that is more affordable for everyone. Our idea is to offer both companies and individuals the opportunity to ‘Sponsor a Cask’ for just £20.00.

For your £20 the Sponsor’s name (individual or business) will be prominently displayed on one of the casks of ale – see the example of a cask label below. There will also be an acknowledgement of the sponsor through a message (up to ten words) in the Festival Programme. This message can be used as advertising or whatever else, within reason!

Last year we had over 1200 visitors to the Festival in Hinckley so there is opportunity for businesses to reach a substantial number of local customers. There will be 60 casks of beer available for sponsorship which will be offered on a first come, first served basis.
For further information and/or a sponsorship booking form contact me - Alan Cooke on 07767 362502 or email

Cheers in anticipation of your support!

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