Business Networking Opportunity
10th September 2009
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The group, formerly known as the BNC Broughton Astley, is now an independent business networking group.  How does this help?  Well it means that we can offer you the opportunity to join a proven and effective business networking group that can support you and your business at a much lower cost!  As an independent, we do not need to make a profit and only need to meet our running costs.

An added bonus is that, for a limited time only, we will be offering FREE membership to secure an exclusive place in the business networking group.  Your only fees will a monthly charge (paid by standing order) to cover the costs of the excellent breakfast.

The group has a very strong and well-established core membership but we do need to grow and develop the group even more! That said, new members will be made very welcome and in the tradition of any business networking group, everyone will be given the opportunity to build their personal network by establishing the trust and confidence of the group.

Why not come along and experience the warm, friendly and supportive atmosphere within the group without the need to make any commitment.  Take the opportunity to see the business passed within the group first hand and experience the non-threatening positive environment that quite naturally encourages business cooperation.

Think that you would like to take a look at us?  Then simply give me a call on 01455 246 342 to check out the seats available in the group and book a place for your visit.

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