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8th May 2010
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Having seen exactly what Rob McVey can do with wood -  crafting it, polishing it or turning it, I know only to well how skilled and talented he is.  But his skills do not end at just working with wood because he also has an artistic eye and the ability to see how to use form and design to make the most of space.

This ability to see how to make the most of large or small spaces is put to really good use in the design of bespoke kitchens. This can be seen in the example below, which was designed, manufactured and installed by Rob to the customer’s brief. To maximise the use of the available kitchen space the units were individually tailor made as required.  Each unit was made and pre-built in his own workshop before being assembled and installed in the kitchen.  This keeps the disruption during the installation to an absolute minimum and ensures a high level of quality in the finished kitchen units.

You may be thinking ‘This must be expensive?’ but not so. The final cost of this kitchen, including appliances, was less than half that of the best quote obtained from regular kitchen fitting companies! How can Rob do this? Well, it’s quite simple really, Rob has low overheads, excellent contacts to source materials and appliances plus an in-built desire to do a first class job at a fair but affordable price without taking a massive mark-ups on the materials used.

If you would like to know more about Rob McVey then take a look at his feature on the bestohinckley. Better still give Rob McVey a call on 01455 285 482 or mobile 07709 442 758 to arrange for him to come along and give you an estimate.

Rob also makes bespoke furniture, bedroom fitments and can remodel bathrooms to maximise space and enhance storage. Plus, he will undertake a whole range of general carpentry and joinery work around the home.

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