Benefits of Herbal Medicine
26th April 2011
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The prescription of Herbal medicine is based mainly on the traditional knowledge of the benefits of plant extracts and also the current use these extracts amongst Herbalists. Questioning and observation are used in the diagnosis and the most appropriate herbal treatments are usually prescribed through a combination of plant extracts.

It is not unusual for treatments to require several months to alleviate a given condition. Typically, it can take about two months to get better for every year that the patient has had the particular ailment.  Herbal medicine can be effective for a wide range of ailments, such as:

  • resolving women’s problems
  • alleviating arthritis
  • skin problems
  • improving the function of almost every body system
    • immune
    • digestive
    • respiratory
    • bladder
    • heart and circulation
    • nervous system function.

Herbal Medicine is particularly excellent for resolving those niggling health problems that can’t always be treated by a GP particularly those involving inflammation.

Background on the Meridian Healthcare Herbalist - Christine Brown

Christine has had a keen interest in Herbal Medicine since childhood. After school, despite having been given a place to study Medicine, Christine chose Herbalism and studied for a Diploma in Herbal Medicine at the School of Herbal Medicine in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. On passing her qualifying clinical exams in 1990 she became a member of the American Herbalists Guild (AHG).

Christine has had a range of professional experience and personal development in herbal medicine, including:

  • advising customers on the use of herbs and dispensing herbal medicines for Napiers in Cambridge and Neals Yard in London.
  • working as an Herbalist for VSO in Indonesia, which had the benefit of providing the opportunity to learn more about how Chinese herbs were used locally
  • studying under Christopher Hedley and with Hananja Brice Ytsma - herbs for women
  • organising and studying at a seminar with Henriette Kress
  • teaching Clinical Herbal Medicine in the training clinic at the University of East London. 

If you would like to find out more about Christine's Herbal Medicine practice at Meridian Healthcare Centre or to make an appointment - please telephone 01455 265 032.

Alternatively, CLICK here to visit the Meridian Healthcare centre's feature on the bestofhinckley to find out more about the wide range of health and well-being services available.


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